Please note that the abstract submission deadline was 31 January. Each year we are significantly over-subscribed with high-quality abstracts from CTBUH members around the world, and unfortunately, we must disappoint many hundreds of colleagues who want to present at the event. We thus have to take into consideration the timing of submitted abstracts. You may still proceed to submit an abstract, however please realize that this puts you into a second tier status of consideration. You can see this and other reasons abstracts are included/rejected here.

The 2018 conference will convene speaking and poster presentations, program rooms, exhibitors and panel discussions, focused on the overall conference theme: “Polycentric Cities: The Future of Vertical Urbanism.” After a plenary session each morning, eight parallel speaking tracks will operate.

CTBUH members of all disciplines interested in presenting at the event are encouraged to submit an abstract using the on-line portal by the 31 January 2018 deadline. Abstract submissions should ideally relate directly to the conference theme. However, as the CTBUH annual conference always embraces and accommodates a wide range of disciplines – such as engineering, construction, development, urban planning, and more – a percentage of abstracts with topics outside the direct conference theme will be accepted. All abstracts will be subject to peer review before possible acceptance into the conference program. NOTE: No paper substantiations will be required for the 2018 conference – only abstract submissions.

Please also note that competition for oral presentations will be extremely high. Reasons some abstracts have been rejected in past years can be seen here.

For each accepted abstract, one author will be eligible to present at the conference. Only the author that will present will be eligible to register for the conference at the subsidized presenter registration rate.

For more information, please contact [email protected]

NOTE: All presenters at the 2018 Conference must be CTBUH members at either the organizational or individual level. To see if your company is already an organizational member of the CTBUH, see the full list here.



Delegate Materials

As the recognized international authority on tall buildings, CTBUH conferences differ significantly from the many commercial conferences that are now being held around the world, in terms of both quality of knowledge-sharing and networking opportunities (see industry leader endorsement statement here). Dissemination of best-practice information is of primary importance at every CTBUH conference. Thus, every presentation given at the 2018 Conference will be substantiated by an abstract and all delegates will receive a USB drive at the event, containing all abstracts and presentations given at the event.