Located in the heart of downtown Dubai, the Armani Pavilion is the backdrop to the world’s largest dancing fountain, the Dubai Fountain, which puts on a spectacular show for 2018 Middle East Conference guests as they enjoy the VIP Reception, kindly hosted by Emaar Properties. 
The CTBUH 2018 Opening VIP Reception took place at the Armani Pavilion, set against the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, which at 828 meters, soars above the Dubai skyline. 
The VIP Reception’s location, the Armani Pavilion, is set among the Dubai Hotel’s greenery, and offers spectacular views of iconic Dubai buildings. 
Lanterns begin to glow in the setting sun before the VIP Reception begins at the Armani Pavilion. 
CTBUH Chief Executive Officer Antony Wood converses with VIP guests at the Burj Khalifa VIP Reception.
Mr. Ahmad Juma Al-Falasi, Executive Director – Group Operations, Property Manager, Emaar, welcomes guests to the VIP Reception. 
The Middle East 2018 Conference VIP Reception took place at the Armani Pavilion, granting views to fixtures of the Dubai skyline like The Address, developed by the event host Emaar Properties.  
Guests connect at the VIP Reception while taking in views of the Dubai Fountain, which dances every 30 minutes, accompanied by music and a swirl of colorful lights. 
At the conclusioof Day 1 of the 2018 Middle East Conference, CTBUH Chairman Steve Watts, Partner, alinea Consulting, says a few words at the VIP Reception at the Armani Pavilion. 
During the VIP Reception, delegates admire the Souk Al Bahar, an expansive mall with a waterfront promenade that recalls Arabian vernacular architecture.
Guests mingle and enjocanapéat the opening VIP Reception at the Burj Khalifa.
CTBUH Chairman Steve Watts, Partner, alinea Consulting; Mr. Ahmad Juma Al-Falasi, Executive Director – Group Operations, Property Manager, Emaar; CTBUH Chief Executive Officer Antony Wood and Ian Smith, Vice President, Special Projectsthyssenkrupp, stand together for a photo during the VIP Reception. 
As the first day of the 2018 Middle East Conference draws to a close, delegates excitedly discuss what sessions they will attend the next day. 
CTBUH Performance-Based Seismic Design Working Group Co-Chair Ron Klemencic, CEO, Magnusson Klemencic Associates (left), talks with VIP guests at the Armani Pavilion.  
The Burj Khalifa puts on a stunning light show during the 2018 Middle East Conference VIP Reception. 
Oskar Norelius, Partner, White Arkitekter, presents at the Prefabrication and Modular Construction for High-Rise Buildings Workshop.
The Advanced Construction Techniques Workshop discusses the most advanced innovations in construction, including material type, modular construction and improved safety practices. 
Attendees of the Fire, Life Safety + Security Workshop engage with pressing issues surrounding fire prevention and safety in the context of disaster prevention and facilitating expedient egress. 
CTBUH Height and Data Committee member Peter Weismantle, Director of Supertall Building Technology, Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture, speaks at the Fire, Life Safety + Security Workshop on fire prevention as building heights continue to rise in a presentation called “The Evolution of Fire Safety in Supertall Buildings.”
The High-Rise Residential Workshop analyzes the high-rise residential typology in a climate of increasing population density. 
The High-Rise Water Use Workshop focuses on the role of the high-rise in water access and conservation issues, with an eye toward addressing specific and prudent opportunities this typology has in water collection and recycling. 
Key practitioners and researchers of tall building damping design, many of whom were involved in the creation of the CTBUH publication, Damping Technologies for Tall Buildings, share key research points with attendees of the Tall Building Damping workshop on the myriad of options for mitigating tall building movement. 
Attendees of the Urban Context for Tall Workshop pose for a group photo after discussing the impact of high-rise construction on its surrounding environs and how to maximize livability in vertical habitats through specific gestures. 
Delegates who attended the Vertical + Horizontal Landscaping Workshop examined successful case studies of “greening” components of the tall building typology – everything from façades to rooftops – in order to challenge the assumption that more high-rises equal less green space.
CTBUH Scandinavia Vice-Chair Shonn Mills, Global High-Rise Director, Ramboll Group, chairs the Modular High-Rise Construction Workshop, which convenes to establish the most salient issues, challenges and trends in prefabrication and modular construction for high-rise buildings.  
Delegates enjoy a coffee break and take in the view from Level 112 of the Burj Khalifa at the Skyspaces Workshop.
Urban Habitat / Urban Design Committee Chair James ParakhUrban Design Manager, City of Toronto Planning Department, presents the findings of the CTBUH Research Project titled “The Space Within: Urban Habitat at Height”.  The CTBUH UH / UD Committee and CTBUH have recently produced The Space Within, a CTBUH Technical Guide focused on case studies of communal spaces at height. 
The Skyspaces Workshop discusses the types and implementation of different skyspaces and multi-story communal spaces at height, and the ways in which they address the shortage and inconvenience of accessing ground-level communal green space in tall buildings. 
CTBUH Chief Executive Officer Antony Woooutlines the Council’s activities to date and lays out plans for the 2019 Tall+Urban Innovation Conference and 10th World Congress.
CTBUH Leaders enjoy conversation and lunch before the start of the meeting. 
Newly onboarded CTBUH COO John Jacobs introduces himself to the Leaders.  
CTBUH Vertical Transportation Working Group Chair Robin Cheeseright, Director, D2E, details intended outcomes of the group, and outlines future plans and outputs. 
CTBUH Secretary Tim Neal, CEO and President, CallisonRTKL, along with CTBUH Global Initiatives Assistant Nicole McLellan, convene before leading a meeting among CTBUH Chapter and Regional Representatives, as well as Future Leaders Committees. 
CTBUH Trustees listen on as CTBUH Chief Executive Officer Antony Wood provides updates on the Council’s activities in 2018.
Dennis Poon and Mounib Hammoud were among the CTBUH Trustees present in Dubai to discuss the strategic direction for the Council in 2019.
The CTBUH Trustees gather for a group photo. From left to right: CTBUH Trustee Kam Chuen (Vincent) Tse, Managing Director, Building MEP, WSP; CTBUH Vice-Chairman David Malott, Founder, CEO, AI; CTBUH Trustee Mounib Hammoud, CEO, Jeddah Economic Company; CTBUH Trustee Abrar Sheriff,  President & CEO, Turner International LLC; CTBUH Trustee Charu Thapar, Head of Strategy and Platform – Property & Asset Management Asia Pacific, JLL; CTBUH Chairman Steve Watts, Partner, alinea Consulting; CTBUH Trustee Dennis Poon, Vice-Chairman, Thornton Tomasetti; CTBUH Secretary  
Tim Neal, President & CEO, CallisonRTKL and CTBUH Chief Executive Officer Antony Wood. 
CTBUH Chairman Steve Watts, Partner, alinea Consulting, leads the Advisory Group meeting in a strategic discussion about the Council’s future and current initiatives. 
The CTBUH Board of Trustees, Advisory Group, Chapter Boards, Regional Representatives, Working Groups, Committees, and CTBUH Staff convene for the Leaders Meeting at the Emirates Ballroom at the JW Marriot Marquis Dubai.  
CTBUH Performance-Based Seismic Design Working Group Co-Chair Ron Klemencic, CEO, Magnusson Klemencic Associates, discusses the possibility of creating a second edition or follow up text to the group’s 2008 CTBUH Technical Guide “Recommendations for the Seismic Design of High-Rise Buildings.”
CTBUH Chairman Steve Watts, Partner, alinea Consulting, welcomes Leaders to the meeting.
Attendees break out into Chapter, Advisory Group, Working Group and Committee meetings.
CTBUH Fire Performance of Façades Working Group Member Priyan Mendis, Professor, University of Melbourne, provides thoughtful feedback as part of the final session of the Leaders Meeting.
CTBUH Stack Effect in High-Rise Buildings Working Group Co-Chair Mehdi Jalayerian leads the MEP Working Group in a kickoff meeting toward a technical guide titled Stack Effect in High-Rise Buildings.
CTBUH Height and Data Committee Chair Scott Duncan, Partner, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, led the breakout meeting for this newly reinvigorated group in discussing the latest developments in tall buildings and how it might influence criteria for determining building height. 
CTBUH Smart Building Technology Working Group Chair David Malott, Founder, CEO, AI., summarizes the group’s recent activities relating to the group’s agenda of exploring interconnectivity opportunities for infrastructure and tall buildings. 
CTBUH Urban Habitat / Urban Design Committee Chair James Parakh, City of Toronto Planning Department, Urban Design Manager, engages the committee on the most salient urban habitat issues affecting vertical cities today, as well as the success of the CTBUH Global Walking Tours. 
CTBUH Staff man the Exhibition Suite, where delegates can view and purchase CTBUH publications, as well as discuss getting involved in various initiatives of the Council.
The CTBUH Bookshop is open for business, featuring dozens of cross-disciplinary publications, apparel, and other branded items.
Airport-style kiosks helped print registration cards for conference delegates, greatly helping reduce long queues.