The Smart Tall Buildings Symposium is kindly sponsored by Schindler, one of the world’s leading suppliers of vertical transportation and smart building technology. The company has pioneered a closed-loop, fully digital maintenance, emergency services and information system called Schindler Ahead. It provides diagnostic and advanced analytics for elevators and escalators that aids predictive identification, analysis and resolution of equipment problems before they occur. Schindler also developed a seamless, smartphone-based service for personal mobility, called myPORT. With this system, building occupants can move freely through security checkpoints and transportation systems simply by keeping their smartphones on their person. The platform is constantly evolving to serve as a technical interface between the building and the user. Schindler has supported the Smart Tall Building Symposium in conjunction with the CTBUH to drive a holistic examination of how tall buildings can improve operations, one that is in line with the rapidly developing Internet of Things and digitization of modern life.