Session 4 – Cities 2050: Where Will We Be?

Panel Discussion

25 October 2018

According to recent data from the United Nations, the world will see its collective urban population increase by nearly 2.5 billion people by 2050, with close to 90% of this growth taking place in Asia and Africa. During that time, many regions will face the continued challenges of economic instability, lagging infrastructure, and environmental degradation. Building on the topic of the third plenary session in Dubai, entitled “50 Forward, 50 Back”, this panel discussion considers how cities of the future must adapt to face these and other challenges, with a view to the role that tall buildings and emerging technologies will play in that effort.

Panel Chair: Eric Parry
Founder, Principal, Eric Parry Architects, London
Joseph Burns
Managing Principal, Thornton Tomasetti, Chicago
Barry Lee
Director of Design, Chairman, DBI, Gold Coast
Craig Plumb
Head of Research, JLL, Dubai