Abu Dhabi - Day 6A: Middle East Cities: Placemaking

25 October 2018
8:30 AM – 5:00 PM

One of the great challenges of a fast-growing global city is the question of how a distinctive identity can be forged that will be meaningful to locals and representative of the city’s unique role on the global stage. Abu Dhabi has grappled with this concern in intriguing ways, taking advantage of its deep resources and coastal location to establish a metropolis on the edge of the desert that is both distinct and eminently habitable. This session explores three projects that have helped sculpt Abu Dhabi’s sense of place.

Session Chair: Hamed Vahidi
CEO, PS-Co., Muscat
Christopher Fannin
Managing Director, INSITE Landscape Architects, Abu Dhabi
Mohamad Al-Dah
Director, Webb Yates and Esther Engineers, Dubai
Nasser Turk
Regional Manager Middle East Africa, WATG, Abu Dhabi