Off-Site ProgramsA: Climatically (and Culturally) Appropriate Desert Skyscrapers

23 October 2018
8:30 AM – 5:30 PM

The “glass box” has become a ubiquitous global archetype, and a homogenizing presence in cities around the world that is anything but environmentally sound. This program looks at alternatives to the glass box model, investigating tall buildings that respond to the harsh sun, sand storms and salt spray of the Gulf Region. These buildings not only respond appropriately to climate; in so doing, they take on elements of traditional Middle Eastern architecture that predates the advent of air-conditioning, forming the potential for a new regional skyscraper vernacular.

Session Chair: Magali Mouquet
Co-Founder, Group Chairwoman, Equitativa & Emirates REIT, Dubai
Abdul Wahab Al-Halabi
Group Chief Investment Officier, Equitativa & Emirates REIT, Dubai
Sylvain Vieujot
Co-Founder, Group Chairman, Equitativa & Emirates REIT, Dubai
Dara Towhidi
Partner, Foster + Partners, Dubai