Off-Site ProgramsA: The World’s Tallest Residential City Block

23 October 2018
8:30 AM – 5:30 PM

The Dubai Marina, a master-planned development around a man-made channel, is home to the world’s tallest residential block. It includes no fewer than 10 residential buildings of 200 meters or greater, four of which are supertalls (300 meters and higher). Across the street, several more supertall residential towers rise. This program analyzes the phenomenon and tours Marina Gate Towers and their surrounding urban area.

Session Chair: Afaf Burki
Director, Marketing, Select Group, Dubai
Trevor Hardwick
COO, Select Group, Dubai
Kez Taylor
CEO, ALEC, Dubai
Felino Palafox, Jr.
Principal Architect - Urban Planner, Palafox Associates, Makati

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