Off-Site ProgramsA: Capturing the Future in 3D

23 October 2018
8:30 AM – 5:30 PM

Some of the most relevant ideas about the future of the built environment are being developed in Dubai, and will be showcased at the Museum of the Future and Office of the Future. The Museum of the Future is an eye-catching ring-shaped building along Sheikh Zayed Road. Part-incubator, part-showroom, the Museum will be the permanent home of some of the world’s more prominent innovations, which will serve to stimulate imaginative solutions for a challenging future. The Office of the Future, a smaller prototype building is the world’s first fully inhabited 3-D printed building, and has already been constructed. The structural elements of the demonstration building were printed in 17 days, and installed over a period of 2 days before the installation of services, cladding and fit-out. Inside, the office has a public cafe, a partnership lounge for exhibitions, events and workshops, a flexible space for team brainstorming and design work, and private meeting rooms for quiet work. These are arranged in such a way as to encourage mixing of teams and idea formulation.

Session Chair: Christopher Wodzicki
Engineering Services Director, BuroHappold Engineering, Dubai
Shaun Killa
Design Partner, Killa Design, Dubai
Benjamin Piper
Principal, Design Partner, Killa Design, Dubai
Kyle Krall
Senior Principal, UAE Director, Thornton Tomasetti, Dubai

Session Photo Gallery

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