Session 7E: Tall Timber 2030: Where Will We Be?

Panel Discussion

22 October 2018
1:45 PM – 2:45 PM

As the world continues to search for a more sustainable way to build tall, proposals and construction projects using engineered wood have seemingly sprung up overnight. There are now proposals for buildings as high as 350 meters, though the tallest under construction to date has been only 82 meters. This panel of regional and interdisciplinary experts examines where tall timber will go next, and posits what the state of the art will be in 2030.

Panel Chair: Ariane Dienstag
President, Founder, Ariane Dienstag sas, Paris
Carsten Hein
Associate Director, Arup, Berlin
Jeff Spiritos
Manager, Spiritos Properties LLC, New York City
Rainer Strauch
CTO, Cree by Rhomberg, Bregenz
Philip Vivian
Director, Bates Smart, Sydney

Session Photo Gallery