Session 7G: What is The Future of High-Rise Construction?

Panel Discussion

22 October 2018
1:45 PM – 2:45 PM

It seems almost inevitable that more high-rises will be constructed in the future, but the materials and methods are far from assured. Will robots do most of the work? What effect will prefabrication have on costs, schedules and labor? What is the potential of 3-D printing, timber, carbon fiber, and other materials? How would increased emphasis on vertical vegetation affect loading requirements and construction methods? All of this, and more, will be in the conversation between these high-rise construction experts.

Panel Chair: Mark Garland
President, LCL Builds, Toronto
Peyman Askarinejad
President & CEO, PAN Partners, New York City
Christophe Bilaine
VP Preconstruction, Bouygues Batiment International, Miami
Alan Poeppel
Managing Principal, Langan Engineering, New York City
Shaofeng Wang
Chairman, China State Construction Overseas Development Co., Ltd, Shanghai

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