Plenary 2 Panel Discussion – Polycentric vs. Monocentric: The Future of Vertical Urbanism?

Panel Discussion

22 October 2018
9:20 AM – 10:45 AM

Numerous cities are now developing along polycentric lines, with several urban “nodes” focused around tall building clusters that often compete for commerce, attention and investment within the same city. This dispersed approach to urban density perhaps helps alleviate congestion and infrastructure overloading, and offers more varied urban experiences, but is the consequential loss of a single identifiable CBD something to lament? This panel discussion considers the merits of both the polycentric and monocentric approaches to urban development, with views from both sides of the equation from renowned urbanists representing each global region. International in nature, the panel will give a view on how cities should be developed, amidst a world that is rapidly urbanizing.

Panel Chair: Steve Watts
Partner, Alinea Consulting, London
Americas: James Parakh
Manager of Urban Design, City of Toronto Planning Department, Toronto
Asia: Koon Hean Cheong
Chairman, Centre for Livable Cities Singapore, Singapore
Australia: Helen Lochhead
Dean, Faculty of Built Environment, University of New South Wales (UNSW Sydney), Sydney
Europe: Peter Murray
Chairman, New London Architecture Centre; London Mayor’s Design Advocate, Wordsearch, London
Middle East: Mohammad Kaiser Azad
Head of Community Management, Emaar Properties, Dubai

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