Session 3F: The Polycentric, Mobile City

21 October 2018
1:45 PM – 3:15 PM

The modern polycentric city’s success hinges on unhindered mobility. The model of commuting from periphery to core and back again, upon which the urban transportation systems were built in the 19th century, is increasingly as unworkable as the concept of single-use towers that are designed to be entered and exited once a day at predictable times. Join this session to learn how cities old and new are conquering the question of mobility in the polycentric context, making it a seamless experience from desk to doorstep, to “third places” and beyond.

Session Chair: Lynn Osmond
President & CEO, Chicago Architecture Center, Chicago
Teppo Voutilainen
Head of New Services & Solutions, KONE, Helsinki
Peter Murray
Chairman, New London Architecture Centre; London Mayor’s Design Advocate, Wordsearch, London
Fernando Perez
Head of Transport Architecture, IDOM, Madrid

Session Photo Gallery