WorkshopsA: Prefabrication and Modular Construction for High-Rise Buildings

20 October 2018
8:00 AM – 12:00 PM

The inefficiency, waste and environmental damage of construction sites used to be grudgingly accepted. But today, modular construction has emerged as a way of controlling quality, enhancing safety, and reducing the environmental footprint of bringing tall buildings to life. Several approaches, using varying degrees of pre-assembly and a range of material and labor management techniques, have now gained acceptance and are increasingly being adopted worldwide. This workshop brings to light some of the best-practice examples, explores the aesthetic, code and labor obstacles that still remain, and examines the potential of new practices still being developed.

Session Chair: Shonn Mills
Global Director, High Rise, Ramboll, Singapore
Tim Gudmand-Høyer
Senior Chief Specialist, Ramboll, Copenhagen
De Ming (Derry) Yu
Assistant Project Director - Construction, Suncity Group Holdings, Hong Kong
Richard Lee
Technical Manager, Multiplex Construction Europe Ltd, London
Ian Whitby
Partner, Foster + Partners
Robert Schmitz
Partner, Lead Architect; partner,, Individuals, Stockholm
Benjamin Piper
Principal, Design Partner, Killa Design, Dubai