Urbanism and Sustainability at Al Maryah Island

Kevin Ryan
Gulf Related, Abu Dhabi

As a central economic force and the capital of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi is home to many crucial conversations taking place across the globe on urban development. Al Maryah Island, now its designated Central Business District, becomes a hub for these conversations through its physical positioning (with convenient access to downtown Abu Dhabi, Reem Island and Saadiyat Island) as well as its diverse offerings of luxury amenities, entertainment, business resources, and residential properties.

This presentation explores the collective experience of a partnership between a leading, local industry financier/investor and the developer behind the record-breaking Hudson Yards project in New York City among many other iconic tall buildings, combining their resources to create many key investments within the island. This partnership has seen the significant expansion of Abu Dhabi’s urban fabric onto Al Maryah Island, through such projects as the Al Maryah Central Retail Mall, the Residences at Al Maryah Central, and the Hotel at Al Maryah Central. This presentation captures the drivers, challenges, and impacts of these influential undertakings, from multiple perspectives, including the tourism and travel markets, business interests, and on creating a sustainable strategy for the island in terms of conserving energy, anticipating and mitigating erosion and other factors. Given the climate’s propensity for harsh weather conditions, developments such as these on Al Maryah provide an informative case study on how to sustain and expand global cultural and economic cores, while implementing successful methods for obtaining the necessary resources that support long term expansion and growth.

Accompanying PowerPoint Presentation