Mashreq HQ - Bracing the Cantilever

Zaher Hadow
Technical Director
WSP, Dubai

Mashreq Bank’s new headquarters is located in the Downtown Dubai / Burj Khalifa district, directly opposite the Dubai Mall, and will have 72,000 square meters of built-up area. The predominantly office development consists of a 165-meter tower, which comprises 34 stories above grade, along with four basement levels. The foundation consists of a 3,000-millimeter piled raft under the main core, and a 1,400-millimeter raft under the podium area, along with pile caps under the main columns, which are based on 1,200-millimeter and 1,000-millimeter circular piles. The tower structural system relies on a concrete shear wall core at the corner of the building, along with two grids of concrete braces at each side. The tower has a unique, four-story cantilevered corner, extending 27 meters from the edge of the L-shaped floor plan. The cantilever is supported by steel frame trusses reaching out to the main tower concrete braces, along with a set of transverse steel frames located in the slab, which reach out to the main concrete core.

This presentation comprehensively details the structural design of this project, starting from the enabling works and excavation solutions undertaken to mitigate the challenging location of the project. In this complex solution, the retaining walls had to be internally probed the using steel struts, as opposed to the common soil-anchoring method, due to the nearby presence of the metro.

Accompanying PowerPoint Presentation