One Za'abeel’s “World's Largest Cantilever” to Link Dramatic Dubai Towers

Kazushi Obika
General Manager Design Section

Two minimal and elegant towers reach to the sky, with a panoramic sky concourse. Between them is The Linx, offering unrivalled views of both sunrise and sunset, and an exciting retail destination, The Gallery. Together they form the unique composition that defines the newest landmark in town – One Za’abeel. This mixed-use development, located at the periphery of Dubai’s financial district, will serve as a memorable gateway, welcoming investors, residents, citizens and tourists to discover the hustle and bustle of an ever-growing city. Aiming for the top is the duty of every architect. It is not just about height; it’s about vision, expertise and that extra sparkle that will turn a project into the center of high-end and diverse activities, capable of generating interest and value for an entire area. One Za’abeel is the result of extensive collaboration with the client, and it is conceived to become a symbol of ambition and innovation, expressing the pioneering spirit of Dubai. With residences, businesses and leisure experiences that flow seamlessly together, the impressive but approachable development will promise the people of Dubai an elevated lifestyle.

Remarkable scale, an iconic shape, specialized functions, high-end premises for leisure and entertainment, a “floating” event space and an “urban landmark” are the guiding principles in designing The Linx. A dramatically extended steel skybridge, suspended 100 meters above the ground, the panoramic space will house luxury facilities, a rooftop terrace, and a “statement” pool. It will also serve to reinforce the structural stability of both towers.

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