International Fire Safety Standards

Gary Strong
Global Building Standards Director
Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, London

The growth in global population is driving the need for more mixed-use high-rise buildings, as well as more urban buildings that may pose a life safety risk. Occupiers, insurers and investors in these buildings need to be reassured that the building complies with an international fire safety standard. Fire safety has to be paramount in these and all other higher-risk buildings.

As a result of the tragic London Grenfell Tower and other fires, a global coalition of professional bodies, governments, academic institutions, designers, engineers and supporters are coming together, on a not-for-profit basis in the public interest, to deliver a set of high-level fire safety standards. All members of the coalition will adhere to, and be ambassadors for the standards, around the world to ensure consistency, public reassurance, investor confidence, and adoption. The coalition will appoint a standard setting committee (SSC) of experts to write the standards and keep them under review and update them as necessary. This presentation covers the work of the IFSS standard-setting committee, which will consider: non-combustible cladding on all high-risk buildings, and whether this should be mandatory; sprinkler systems in all high-risk buildings; fire and smoke detection central systems in all high-risk buildings; measures to deal adequately with smoke in all high-risk buildings; compartmentation to limit the spread of fire; fire strategy / fire risk assessments; materials testing; competency and management of buildings.

Accompanying PowerPoint Presentation