Enabling High-Performing Façades Through Technology and Material Innovation

Iskandar Bendaly
Commercial Manager, Middle East & Africa
Dow, Dubai

The continued evolution of tall buildings in the context of the modern environment, population densification and urbanization are all factors that require leading material science companies to increase the impact and relevance of R & D projects, and the speed at which they are delivered, so as to eventually propose new solutions to the market. This presentation briefly explains the process followed to understand trends and prioritize projects, as well as a few examples of recent innovations aligned to this process.

Sustainability (the environmental aspect); health, safety and comfort (the people aspect); prefabrication (the manufacturing aspect); design (the architectural aspects); and industry economics (the monetary aspect) are seen as being the five crucial trends that will impact how façades are designed and built. The presentation concerns three criteria for evaluating, selecting, and prioritizing a portfolio of innovation projects: desirability (is it something that the market really cares about?); feasibility (is it something technology can solve in the available time?) and viability (is it something a company can monetize?). Following this procedure resulted in a portfolio of new applications and new materials in the space of high performance façades that will influence and impact the industry for the years to come.