Town Square: Key Takeaways for Medium-Density Communities

Kanupriya Kuletha
Head of Development
Nshama, Dubai

There are few things as rewarding as seeing a community come alive in a matter of less than three years. The Town Square is a living, breathing community of around 1,500 people with 8,000 units scheduled to be completed in the next two years. The presentation shares many valuable takeaways from the design and development perspective, including the implementation of a hands-on approach; cost consciousness as part of workflow; logical, yet flexible, processes and close involvement with consultants and contractors.

The character of a development is governed primarily by its density, and density on any given development is usually a commercially-driven decision. However, as designers, medium density developments (especially large-scale masterplans such as Town Square) offer a great deal of flexibility. It is fascinating how the same density can give rise to a variety of urban characters. It is my strong belief that profitability and design principles both contribute towards a great community. If interpreted and translated well, commercial drivers give designers a very real, a very concrete basis of design.

Accompanying PowerPoint Presentation