Town Square: The Story So Far

Fred Durie
Nshama, Dubai

Nshama, formed in 2014, is a private developer of integrated lifestyle communities, differentiated by its focus on offering distinct value propositions for investors. Nshama offers trendy, dynamic and sustainable communities with a range of modern amenities and the best in facilities management and lifestyle features. Bringing the expertise of project development professionals from around the world, backed by strong domain knowledge, Nshama aims to create elegantly master-planned neighborhoods that are smart, interconnected, networked, tech-driven and sustainable. Nshama projects are truly self-contained, offering residents all their needs within close proximity. Its projects are differentiated at all touch points – from value to amenities and location. Investing in Nshama enables customers to shift their lifestyle from a predominantly rent-driven model to an owned end-user home that is cost-competitive and a solid investment for the family.

Town Square, Nshama’s flagship development, caters to a market need that had never before been addressed: enabling middle-income residents the opportunity to shift from rental homes to owned residences within a master-planned community offering all amenities in close proximity. Town Square is a vibrant 750-acre (304-hectare) development anchored by a central square that is the size of 16 football fields. The development has established its credentials as the first choice for aspiring homeowners, who have the unprecedented opportunity to live life at their price. The first launch of 320 townhouses took place in March 2015; these were delivered in September 2017. By the end of 2019, Nshama will have delivered more than 2,000 townhomes and almost 5,000 apartments. This has been achieved with a lean team of around 100 staff, whose passion, teamwork and dedication have made this possible.

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