The Museum of The Future: An Iconic Project Can Also Lead to a Better World

Shaun Killa
Design Partner
Killa Design, Dubai

Breaking away from convention in both style and substance, the Museum of the Future (MOTF) represents a radical alternative to the traditional skyscraper, and challenges conventional attitudes to designing the spaces we inhabit. Here, technology and human creativity are in total harmony, affording us a refreshing glimpse of real and virtual worlds combined to create something new. The MOTF is conceived not as a repository for ancient artefacts, but as an incubator of new ideas, a catalyst for innovation, and a global destination for inventors and entrepreneurs. It symbolizes both future progress and the regional design influence of Dubai, with its use of modern materials, and Arabic poetry written by HH Sheikh Mohamed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum about the future of Dubai, which is represented in 3D on the façade. The MOTF has hence two of the most important missions that an architecture project should have: to innovate and educate. Being an instantly recognizable form that will be on postcards and in movies of Dubai, the MOTF will also help raise awareness on topics like the future of cities, healthcare, transportation and sustainability, showing that iconic architecture is not only a speculative exercise, but can serve higher values.

The presentation describes the design challenges in translating the artistic and symbolic concepts inherent in the design into an iconic 32,000 square-meter building clad in stainless steel. The building’s unique torus shape, the client’s requirement to attain LEED Platinum status, and the team’s determination to embrace BIM at every stage of design and construction, showed that the building’s center void is not the only aspect of this project that represents a step into the unknown.

Accompanying PowerPoint Presentation