Thinking Sustainability with Sky connectivity in Tall buildings

Matthew Clifford
Head of Energy and Sustainability Services, Asia Pacific
JLL, Sydney

In an advent to promote more connectivity in tall buildings urban settings a number of Hypothetical design projects were made. This would facilitate more accessibility, provide a public domain in the sky, and expedite movements between tall buildings. The technology adopted in investigating possibilities for more rapid connectivity is rope-less lifts. This technology provides a formidable opportunity to connect tall buildings through loops that expands vertically, horizontally and diagonally. Some schematics layouts proposing possible connectivity patterns and loop’s design as permitted by the rope-less lifts technology are discussed. Some design projects equipped with this capability of sky connectivity are presented. The projects are mixed use commercial, residential, Offices, retail and recreational. Furthermore, some sustainable technologies, passive and active are incorporated. Including natural lighting, ventilation, Shading, greeneries for the former. Solar photovoltaics, water heater, Ground sourced amenities and biomass are integrated.

Outcome of the proposals is that Rope-less technology has much to offer in terms of speed of mobility, some freedom from large cores, flexibility in addition to safety and security. Therefore higher speeds can be attained, which is useful in tall skyscrapers. Such a design would be better suited to electrical 21st century than a mechanical elevator.

However, Rope-less lifts are more costly than their conventional counterparts. Moreover, the requirements of both sustainability and connectivity have more to boost than to hinder each other. Therefore, the Best of both is actually on grasp.

Accompanying PowerPoint Presentation