Hey Robot. Meet elevator

Murali Guruvappan
WME Consultants, Dubai

Robots have been covered alot in the mainstream media lately, with articles about how companies like Amazon employ robots as companion workers to humans. There are also those who see apocalyptic visions of how AI and Robots will be humanity's downfall.

Robots provide specialized and innovative services in buildings. These include delivering room service to hotel guests, resupplying
pharmaceuticals in hospitals, delivering packages and providing security. Until recently, the robots could not easily use elevators, limiting them from freely traveling throughout buildings. thyssenkrupp has bridged this gap. We now provide an interface
enabling communication between robots and elevators. Once the interface hardware and software is installed, robots can be
programmed to make elevator floor selections, allowing them to function like a human passenger. This can have a profound effect on how buildings will be designed in the future, taking into consideration how robots will funtion in them.

In addition to demonstrating the technology of how robots use elevators to navigate through a building, this presentation will discuss how robotics are here to stay and how it may affect the cities of tomorrow. Humans will have to come to grips with how to use and intereact with new technology that will make our lives safer and more convenient. Advances in AI, robotics and vertical and horzontal transportation such as the ropeless thyssenkrupp Multi will help define the vertical urban landscape towards 2050.

Accompanying PowerPoint Presentation