The “glass box” has become a ubiquitous global archetype, and a homogenizing presence in cities around the world that is anything but environmentally sound. This program looked at alternatives to the glass box model, investigating tall buildings that respond to the harsh sun, sand storms and salt spray of the Gulf Region. These buildings not only respond appropriately to climate; in so doing, they take on elements of traditional Middle Eastern architecture that predates the advent of air-conditioning, forming the potential for a new regional skyscraper vernacular.

Venue: The Index
Capacity: 30-40 Delegates

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Tuesday 23 October Schedule:

The same program ran in the morning and afternoon.

Morning Afternoon Program
8:30 am 2:00 pm Arrival & Coffee
8:55 am  2:25 pm Welcome
9:00 am 2:30 pm
Presentation 1
9:20 am 2:50 pm Presentation 2
9:40 am  3:10 pm Presentation 3
10:00 am 3:30 pm Q&A
10:15 am 3:45 pm Coffee Break
10:45 am 4:15 pm Tour of The Index
12:00 pm 5:30 pm Delegates depart

About This Program Location

The Index

About The Index

The Index occupies a prominent corner site within the Dubai International Finance Center, a financial district intended to establish Dubai as an investment market, and to provide a catalyst for further economic growth in the region. Balancing a mixture of residential, commercial and social uses to support the Finance Center and wider community, the building represents a vertical city quarter with a population of around 6,000 residents and workers on its 20,000 sq m (215,278 sq ft) site.

The Index exploits the sustainable paradigm of maximizing the environmental benefits of a compact, high-rise form with an efficient design that reduces the need for mechanical cooling systems and artificial lighting. Oriented east to west, the building is positioned obliquely off-grid, strategically… Read More

For more data, news, research papers, videos and the companies involved in this project, visit The Skyscraper Center.

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